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Custom Bike Fits are £150. We also offer a stand-alone shoe and cleat fitting service for customers with new shoes or looking to check their shoe fit, existing cleat position, or be moulded for custom insoles. This service is £50, including assessment and sizing, cleat fitting and moulding of shoes and insoles.

A correctly fitted bike can be the single most important factor in ensuring that you get the most from your cycling. Anyone looking to spend and period of time on their bike can benefit from a professional bike fit. A fitting will help a rider be as efficient as possible on the bike, whilst maintaining maximum comfort and, perhaps most importantly, avoid injuries or issues which can arise from poor positioning and posture when riding.

Our Bike Fitting service includes:

  • Interview to ascertain goals and on-the-bike issues

  • Physical assessment and noting of existing injuries

  • Assessment of existing position (if applicable)

  • Fitting of shoes and cleats

  • Fitting of leg and torso position

  • Cockpit setup assessment relating to position

  • Recommendations/installation of parts required to achieve ideal fit

  • Follow up feedback session from customer of new position

 At Larkfield Cycles we have two full-time Cyclefit trained bike fitters, Tony and Alex, who between them bring more than 25 years’ experience of professional bike fitting. We strive to always keep up to date with the latest research in Cycling Dynamics, regularly attending courses run by the top schools in the industry. With the recent growth in popularity of bike fitting and the introduction of new approaches and technologies, we feel it is important to stay ahead of the field. No single piece of equipment can ever replace the knowledge of the fitter themselves, after all, a machine is only as good as the operator! We therefore ensure that we invest most heavily in what is most important, the brains of our fitters!

All bike fits begin with an interview to outline the rider's goals and aspirations, and to discuss and outline any existing issues, injuries, or discomfort on the bike. It is important that all of our clients are treated as individuals and that the fit is always tailored to meet their needs. The interview then moves on to a physical assessment, in order that we can gauge the extent of any issues discussed during our initial interview, as well as to gain a better idea of the rider's strengths and weaknesses, by measuring their flexibility and conditioning in key areas. This interview and assessment process allows us to build a better picture of what our client is capable of on the bike, and help us to provide a fit optimised to that rider to meet their goals.

The next stage of the bike fit can take several forms. By using a client's existing bike, we assess and measure their existing position, analysing angles and posture to understand the rider's current fit. Using knowledge gained from the initial interview, we can then make appropriate adjustments and provide advice as to posture and technique. We can also make recommendations and changes to the client's equipment of bike components should they be needed. These key contact and fitting points often have a huge impact on a bike's fit, comfort and handling. We use our industry knowledge to select the best components to complement our fitting service:
We carry a wide variety of pedal systems from all major manufacturers and shoes from Giro, Shimano, DMT and Bontrager. Given the importance of shoe fit and the pedal interface in cycling, it is critical that a rider chooses a combination that best suits their fit and requirements. In some circumstances, customisation of shoes can be required to gain optimal fit and comfort. In these cases we offer several solutions dependant on requirements. We offer full custom shoe fitting using Shimano's Custom Fit thermo-mouldable shoes, as well as the latest and best in custom moulded footbeds from SIDAS, which can be retro-fitted to almost any shoes to provide the ultimate in support and comfort.

We stock a selection of saddles from Fizik, Bontrager, Selle Italia, SMP and ISM, many of which are available to demo or provide a money-back guarantee. We can make saddle recommendations during or after a fit, based on knowledge gained during the initial interview, as well as the nature of the fit itself.

We also stock a variety of handlebar shapes and widths. An often overlooked part of comfort on the bike, width and shape of the handlebars can make a huge difference not only to comfort, but to the overall handling of the bike. We also hold a wide selection of stems to help ensure that a rider can be equipped with a cockpit position to best suit their fit and requirements.

The other equally important time during which we conduct a bike fit is when a customer is purchasing a new bike. It is an integral part of the service we offer and helps to ensure that all of our customers leave with bikes which not only suit their intended pursuits, but are fitted comfortably and in a way which will keep them injury free for many miles to come, whether they are an experienced rider or a first timer. Completing a bike fit can take place at different times during this process. Often, customers come to us already equipped with a good idea of which bike they have come to see or purchase, in which case it falls to us to do everything we can to ensure that bike is suitably sized, fitted and equipped for that rider. In other cases, we may use information gathered by completing a 'test fit' using a potential bike to aid in the customer's decision and help us to find the most suitable choice for them.

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