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Below is a list of labour charges for different jobs. Please note these labour charges are only a guide and can vary from bike to bike. It all depends on the condition of your bike, the type of bike and the usage. A bike that has been poorly maintained will take longer to work on, and cost more, than one that is looked after. So, the more regularly you have it serviced, the lower the price will be - prevention is better than cure!

Job Price

Standard Service* from £50.00
Fork service from £50.00 plus seals and oil
Rear shock service from £48.00 plus seals and oil
Bottom bracket fit from £25.00 plus grease
Wheel true up from £17.50 per wheel
Brake Bleed from £25.00 per brake
Gear service from £18.00
PDI Boxed bike £45.00
Fit new inner tube (Wheel only) £7.99 plus tube
Fit new inner tube (Bike) £9.40 plus tube
Wheel build From £47.00 plus parts

All prices are based on our Parts-Subsidised Labour rate of £48 per hour.

We are happy to install Customer's provided equipment, however, this will be based on our full workshop rate of £54 per hour.

Our workshop mechanics are all Cytec qualified. They allow us to tailor our services very accurately to your needs because they're riders just like you. We were the first bike shop in the country to have a Cytec level 3 mechanic. We have a fully equipped workshop able to work on fixing anything from an inner tube in your kids bike right through to fitting the latest DI2 group set to your top of the range TT bike.

Our workshop team are happy to answer any enquiries and give good honest advice to help you decide what your bike needs.

* Standard Service includes: Inspect cycle (we will advise if extra work is needed), Inspect frame and forks, Adjust gears (front and rear), adjust brakes (front and rear), oil, chain, check condition of headset, check condition of and inflate tyres, check both wheels (hubs and spokes), safety check (check nuts and bolts and moving parts). Service excludes suspension parts & frame pivots

We also offer a service to go over the whole bike and do a quote before doing any work. That way you will know what it is going to cost and what needs to be done, we charge £10.00 + VAT for this but if the work is carried out the charge is refundable.

Sometimes it is necessary to contact you if extra work is needed. We will not continue with the work until we have spoken to you.

All work is carried out in the order it comes in the shop, we try to turn repairs around in 2 to 3 days, as long was all parts needed are in stock.

We are open 9 am to 5.30 pm

Monday to Saturday.

Any questions please phone us on 01732-847438 and a member of staff will try to help.