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3T Arx ProAluminium 110 150g 6
3T Arx ProAluminium 110 150g 6
GTIN: 4897024820938
MPN: 3T0184

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3T paid particular attention to the design of the clamps that hold the fork steerer and handlebar. Nowadays both are often made of carbon, which is susceptible to localized pressure of such clamps. As 3T feel that even the toughest CEN and DIN standards do not provide sufficient safeguards against such issues, they have performed additional 3T-designed tests to be absolutely sure. 3T have even tested thier stem with many of thier competitors' bars to ensure your safety and compatibility. By choosing forging to manufacture the Arx, they align the aluminium grain structure for optimal strength, while the Titanium bolt package of the Arx Team brings the weight down even further without any compromise.