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Abus Abus Phantom 8960/85Cm Cable Lock:
Abus Abus Phantom 8960/85Cm Cable Lock:
GTIN: 4003318396809
MPN: AB896085TF

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ABUS: The Phantom 8960 is an armoured cable featuring 17mm overlapping steel shells that protect the inner steel cable, making this a more secure locking option than a common cable while retaining the flexibility and convenience of the cable. Supplied with the new Fidlock magnetic bracket, for effortless mounting and removal from the bike. Technology: · 17 mm overlapping steel shells protect the inner steel cable · The steel shells and the supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of special hardened steel · PVC-coating to prevent damage to the bicycle’s paintwork · ABUS Extra-Classe cylinder with automatic locking function · Supplied with 2 encoded reversible keys Length: 85cm