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XLAB Chimp Cage Carbon Gloss Black
XLAB Chimp Cage Carbon Gloss Black
GTIN: 817195010383

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Multiple World Championship Wins

  • Designed with downtube & seatube positioning in mind
  • Fast & easy access to bottle
  • Tight 5lb grip on bottles keep them in place
  • Large bottles secured with deep hook and thick lower tab
  • Mounting adjustment for that perfect fit for your arm length

Quite often  Triathlon framesets have smaller frame triangles and shorter head tubes in an  effort to make the frames more aerodynamic. This results in having to pull the  water bottle somewhat sideways in order to get it out of the bottle cage. Most  current cages on the market make bottle extraction difficult.
The  engineers at XLAB have a cage that grips very well over bumpy surfaces but also  has a special cut off angle of 30 degrees which testing has proved is the  optimum angle in Tri framesets. It is super quick to get the bottle out of the  cage.
The cage  features stiff bottom lip to support large bottles, stiff upper tab to retain  bottles in the cage and slots in the back to provide vertical adjustment on the  frame.
Made with  the same high temperature and pressure process as the successful Gorilla cage and in extra stiff carbon.
The 6 arm  design and graphics match the Gorilla cage so you can now have a consistent bottle  cage design on your racing machine but with cages designed for each specific  purpose. Use Gorilla Cage for rear hydration carriers.