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ZIPP Aerobar Extensions Vuka Carbon Race 22.2
ZIPP Aerobar Extensions Vuka Carbon Race 22.2
GTIN: 710845700217

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Zipp: To help every rider find their fit, we ve created three different all-carbon extensions for the VukaAero and VukaClip: Straight extensions will get you as low as humanly possible. Chicanes are ideal for mid-range speed and share their S-bend shape with the VukaShift. Ski Tips offer long-haul comfort. All VukaExtensions can be shortened by almost 100 mm from their standard 335 mm length to accommodate any bike configuration including ITU-legal racing. The extensions feature internal cable routing for aerodynamics and ergonomics and weigh about 100 g per pair. Note: VukaExtensions are not recommended or designed for other bars or clips than Zipp's, as the diameters may not give the correct grip. Vuka Race Carbon Weight135g Length360mm Shifter fitplug style Rise52mm Clip Clamp Fit22.2mm Clip Clamp Torque4Nm